Sunday, August 27, 2006

Worrying about Anxiety---Antidote Anxiety

Worrying about Anxiety

I find that the problem with many people is that they keep holding on to their anxiety. Usually what happens is that anxiety comes and then goes. It appears out of nothingness and disappears back into nothingness (Okay, I am speaking with reference to non duality here!).

The best way to cure anxiety would be to forget about it as if nothing even happened .i.e not paying any attention to your anxiety. I know it is difficult for people suffering from anxiety , but it only appears difficult because anxiety appears so real to them and they cant just let it be .
They want to control it and make it go.They also want to make sure that anxiety should not come again in their lives. They should never be anxious again.

But this method,of trying to get rid of anxiety, backfires,and only strenghtens the thing which people are trying to get rid of.

When I learnt about releasing it gave me a very different perspective on my problems and my worries.
It told me that whatever you worry about or are anxious about is actually a memory. It only exists because you keep reminding yourself about it and keep feeding it energy and strengthening it by thinking about it.

So,the only advice that I would give to you would be to let it go. It would also help if you would allow yourself to let it go even for a minute.

I hope this helps in your quest for conquering anxiety attacks Or maybe there isn't any anxiety really for you to conquer it.

You could read more and get a free course about releasing here.