Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi Kirsten,

Thanks for the site. I had never heard of this site before.
Actually I was going to write this as a comment but somehow I couldn't stop writing and so I had to make it as a blog post.

Actually I was drawn into nonduality this way only.
A reader of my blog had directed me to a non duality site and then there was no coming back. I just kept going deeper and deeper into it and now I find that most of the things dont attract me anymore.

I had lots of goals earlier and I used to think that somehow I have to get those things to be happy. But now, I just see the valuelessness of things and I sort of intuitively know that I will be feeling the same way even if I get what I wanted.

Hey, That's one more flaw of "The secret" -- it tells you to get things and teaches you that materialism is good but the fact is that manifesting your desires and achieving goals really wont change much.You will be the same and you will remain the same no matter where you go. As the saying goes "Wherever I go, there I am"

When you see the valuelessness in things you are able to stay calm and not get excited too quickly because the truth is that "Nothing Really Matters" , and that is what the Sedona Method also teaches. It tells you to let go of trying to change things.

But I found that non duality was even better than the sedona method. If you go and read "Bob adamson's" site, "Stephen Wingate's" site, and yes, "john wheeler" too, then you will find that you are somehow giving less importance to the stories playing your mind and just staying there relaxing in your beingness.

I think this much is enough for today.



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At 10:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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