Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Do you want Happiness?Why?

Happiness is also a feeling . To make it more clear what i want to say is that happiness is just a feeling. just like anger, sadness, confusion, doubt , fear. Ok what did you think when you read about all the feelings that I have written above. Better to ask what do you think of the names of the different feelings that I have written above.

Just like anger and sadness, happiness is also a label given to the feeling.Just want to say that when we want to get rid of anger , sadness and other so called negative feelings. why do we want to hold on to the feeling named happiness.

As long as we hold on to feelings the real consciousness within will still remain covered with umm, feelings. these are sort of covers. when one wants to be connected , the main goal should then be to let go of the feelings or just feel the feelings without trying to name them or trying to choose one of them and hold on to it.

Removing the cover will enable us to get in direct contact with the consciousness , which is pure. It is also my feeling that achieving this would also lead us to be more spontaneous, intuitive and a feeling of flow. the flow of pure consciousness and the feeling of connectedness and being one with everything in the universe. I think that would be the ultimate state of being.

                                    Surrender to the universe to get what you want.

Many times there are people who want a job or something. But when the time or opportunity comes , the person is afraid to go for it.

When the opportunity arises , he becomes afraid. He doesnt seem to have security and so fears the worse thing might happen if he goes into a new job . And this happens because he has not surrendered yet, not surrendered to the higher being out there. The higher being or the universe, who seems to be the manager . It is just like that you should just do what your heart calls for. Go for the opportunity that you have always wanted. Take the opportunity without fearing that things will go wrong. This is actual surrender, when you believe that whatever happens, things will be good . Whatever happens will be good for you.

Surrendering is a vital step in the art of manifestation and you really need to let go of your fears. You should believe that you have and always will have ,the security that you now think that you dont have.

Surrendering to the higher power is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Surrendering means when you just do the job at hand or the thing that your heart longs for without thinking or fearing about the results.
When you surrender all attachments go away and you return to the natural flow. where things can be done with effortless ease.

Surrendering is the essence . Surrender yourself to the universe and believe that whatever is happening is for your good .

Well, I think this is enough.

Faraz Ahmed

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