Wednesday, August 04, 2004

hi ,
Got my visa after lots of trouble. right now i am in delhi . Living in jama masjid area in delhi makes you feel great. As soon as you reach there your nose gives up because of the stink and you try to walk fast because beggars follow you to your hotel room. Living here is giving me lots of practice in dodging beggars( hope this helps me in my soccer game).

My mom found about a healer who stays nearby. We went there to get my mom treated for diabetes (also called blood sugar). It is a very old healing technique and I think only two persons know this, father and son.
The technique is known as Vicente(fasad). The treatment is done by making little cuts in the hands and legs on alternate days. First the right leg is tied up tightly and then cuts are made with blades which allows the bad blood to come out. After a round this same process is carried on with the left leg. The next day , it is the hands turn. this keeps going on ,on alternate days and the treatment is continued till the person is fully healed.
My mom says she felt lighter almost instantly , seems like it is working.
I also bought video cds of this process from him and if i knew how to put the video online , i would do it. Any suggestions.
That is all for now.