Saturday, October 23, 2004

coming face to face with my belief system

I have been into self awareness for some time now and have been noticing quite a few things.

I have been noticing how my thinking is creating the situations i am in now. i just kept watching my thoughts , being aware of them and bang. I found myself face to face with a limiting belief that was really very limiting. I found the deservability factor coming into play. I found that It was my belief that i didnt deserve the good things of life. i found that i felt uncomfortable when somebody wanted to give me a gift . Boy, i was even uncomfortable in spending money on myself. Even , when i go in a cab , i find myself thinking that i shouldnt be going in a cab . I shouldn't be spending too much money on myself.
I dont think , that i have earned it , that i have struggled for the things that i have now and so i dont deserve them.

do you see the pattern? The belief. the belief that i should struggle for every single penny that i get.
How do you think will it be possible for me to manifest a good life for me , when i think that i should be struggling. how do you think i can ask the universe to give me a big house to live in and so much money that i can enjoy myself(when i personally feel that i dont deserve it).

even if the things are there right at my door , ready to be used , ready to be enjoyed, i am not allowing them into my life. i am not allowing them because somewhere deep in my mind, i believe that i dont deserve the good things of life.

well,anyways . now that i have found the pattern, the limiting belief.i am going to be free from it soon. i allow this pattern to be there as long as it wants. i know that this pattern was there for some reason. i appreciate it and give it my love. all this i learnt from the sedona method and you can too .You can learn to do it by ordering a free tape from

Faraz Ahmed
author of self help and spirituality blog
a user of the sedona method