Monday, July 26, 2004

More on Sedona Method

just read a comment on my blog.It was about the first post where i said that i would be posting more on the sedona method.

Well, one thing is for sure. Now i can say that people are really reading my blog and writing comments. I like it when people write comments. It gives me ideas on writing further articles.

Well, about posting more on the sedona method. I am already doing it. I am already doing it.

I have written about the how one can surrender to the universe to manifest their desires and wants. And in my latest post( i mean the post before this one) , i have written how people label their feelings and push it deeper. How one should first be able to feel their feelings.

It was actually the sedona method , the reason that i could start my blog ,as i have written in my first post. I was able to reduce the intensity of my fears and so started my blog, a project I had been waiting for months.

The essence of the sedona method is to get rid of the attachments to your fears , desires and other emotions . It is when you let go of the attachments, when you are in the allowing stage.

I am actually not feeling like writing now but am posting this after reading your comment, so maybe my post wont be so good. I seem to write better when i just let the words come without trying to edit anything.I wont force myself to write anymore. I will surely be writing when i start getting the article from within.

Please post your comments on this. If any of you need to know anything specific then feel free to comment.

I am new to blogger and so am unable to tell you why the account didnt work.

You can know more about the sedona method here at