Monday, July 12, 2004

You are the Observer.
You must know this. “You are not your feelings.” Stop identifying yourself with your feelings. You should be knowing that we are not the mind or the body. We are the observers. Observers of the mind and the body. Observers of our feelings and the thoughts that are passing by. It is the ego which tries to hold on to these feelings.Why does it hold on. It is because the ego needs an identification. It needs to identify itself. It requires something through which other people may recognize it. When we ask someone a very simple question like “who is john or who is so and so”? Don’t we get the answer that oh john is the one who is wearing the red shirt. Or john is a high paid executive of Microsoft Corporation. Or he is a guy who is short tempered.
Do you see how john is being identified with so many different things? Like being an executive, being short tempered. But we don’t know that john is not these things. John is the observer.

A small exercise to get a feel of this i.e. in knowing the self. Point to your right leg and say “this is my right leg”. Point to your left leg and say “this is my left leg”. Do similarly with your hands, your nose, and your other body parts. You can say this is my right leg or you could even name yourself and say it like this is David’s right leg.

Did you get a sudden realization? After doing this for sometime like saying this is David’s right leg. This is David’s left leg. This is David’s right hand. This is David’s left hand. After doing this for sometime you will suddenly realize who this David is. Who is this David, who is the owner of this body, of the different body parts? And who am I?
Please try out this exercise. it is really a good one.

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The Sedona method helps you to let go of your emotions and feelings. When you let go of identifying yourself with the feelings and emotions which pass your mind you will be able to experience joy and happiness. This joy and happiness is your true and natural state for which you don’t have to put effort.

Now the problems which most of us are facing are that we are unable to feel our feelings. We are unable to feel them as they are. How many times have you caught yourself saying “how do I notice my feelings” or “I am unable to feel anything”? This is because as soon as a feeling comes, we try to label it as anger, anxiety, happy, etc. But we don’t know that as soon as we label a feeling, we neglect it and put it back into the store house of our mind without even bothering to look what are the contents of the package that we have just labeled.

We say to ourselves that “I am just feeling a bit angry” or “I am just a little anxious and I will get over it soon”. This means that we are very familiar with the feeling anger or anxiety that we don’t want to look at it or experience it again. We think that we actually know how it feels like. Or maybe it is just that we are afraid to experience it or feel it. Our instincts tell us not to mess with anger. Don’t try to look into what it is or we will feel really bad. And we don’t want to feel bad. We don’t want to experience the bitter feelings again. We want to get rid of these feelings. Therefore we just recognize the label and push it deep inside the storehouse of our minds. The storehouse which is already full of these feelings or these packages labeled anger or sadness or joy. The packages whose contents we do not know and are afraid to open.
What is happening here is that we are labeling the feeling. We are not feeling it. How does anger actually feel like? How does anxiety or joy actually feel like? Please let them come. Please feel them and let these feelings be as they are. Don’t try to label them. Experience the pure feelings, the physical part of the feeling, the mental part.