Thursday, June 22, 2006

Relax and Melt into a deep deep meditative state.

I have met a lot of people who are troubled with Insomnia and have trouble sleeping. Most of the times it is because they are leading such a fast life with hectic schedules .

People are behaving like a machine . The whole day goes off in a very mechanical fashion, where people sit in front of computers and dont even realise who's sitting next to them.

When travelling from home to office or from office to home , they dont notice the surroundings, the sceneries, the nature but lost in their own world where they think about how to complete their next project or how to get a raise.

Full of worries and anxieties they reach home , watch some tv and then try to go to sleep because they have to get up early in the morning to go to work.

Man, what a life!! Can you imagine this.
I was like that for some time. okay, not completely like that . because i am not an office goer. I am a tennis coach. that's because i like the open air much better than a closed office where you sit and work . uggh, even the thought makes me go sick.

A very good way for these people would be to do some meditation. The only way I can think of stopping all the anxieties and worries is to have some set time for relaxation where you just let go of all your worries and anxieties and just relax. Go into a deep deep meditative state , your own secret space , where you are sitting by a stream rushing by. the sound of the stream in your ears and you lying down in a hammock . It is a small forest where cute rabbits and deers are roaming around you. and you are floating around like a small feather, weightless , worryless.
Not a thing to worry about .

Okay, this is my version. and everybody might be having their own version. I use this version of meditation whenever i do it and i feel so relaxed that i notice that i had gone to sleep when i wake up.

Nowadays , there are a lot of guided meditation tapes and cds available in the market. What I have found is an online guided meditation program where you can just relax and go into a secret world of your own. okay, its called the secret garden. And best of all , its free. dont underestimate it just because it is free. I assure you, it is really worth your time. And better to relax then to waste your time and destroy your mind watching tv.
so just go and check out this guided meditation. click here.

The Million Dollar experiment

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