Friday, August 11, 2006

Release Technique & Non Duality& Law of attraction

Sorry folks, I was not getting in the mood to write. I didn't want to force myself to write because then it just becomes boring .

As most of the readers of this blog must be knowing that I am into releasing and non duality both.There is a slight confusion for me. In nonduality circles it is said that there is no doer. Most of whatever we desire, think or act is due to our conditioning and our genetic code. So, the problem that I have now is that I am just unable to set goals and am sort of uninterested in most of the things because whatever desire comes up I sort of automatically say to myself that it is just based on the conditioning and It is confirmed that the happiness that I would get manifesting my goal or desire would not last long. Thus I sort of let go of that desire. Nowadays I dont have a job or any career. I am unemployed and dont even know what to do . I know that if I just start doing something for money's sake I wont be able to carry on for long with that job. And this has happened earlier also. I have left my previous jobs within weeks , oops, its more like days.

This post is just a sort of thinking aloud so don't mind if it is uninteresting. I just dont know what to do.

So,coming back to release technique and non duality and the laws of attraction I find some thing which is baffling me. When it is said that everything is impersonal and no one is the doer and that there is no cause and no effect(things are the way they are because the universe is the way it is----This I have read in the book "I am that")then how does the law of attraction work because it speaks about cause and effect. Non duality also says that our we are not the thinker of our thoughts. Thoughts are just arising and each thought has the thinker within it---this I read in Krishnamurti's books.

The laws of attraction says that we are responsible for what situation we are in because we get whatever we pay attention to. But, then I think that I really cant control what I pay attention to . Everyone who has read about the law of attraction tries it. Tries to pay attention to all the good things and the good feelings but I feel that if we really could control our thoughts and feelings we would all be millionaires using the laws of attraction.

So,as far as I think , non duality seems to be right. We really cant control what we pay attention to and we cant control what we like or dislike or what we would like to manifest. And we cant even control it if we dont know (just like me) what to manifest because as soon as I think of manifesting something I automatically know that it would be useless and it is just ego gratification not happiness.

So, what do you people say. I am just getting more and more confused.