Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Secret Busted--- Flaws of the Secret.

Hi Folks,
I guess most of you have read or at least heard about "The Secret".

I think it was at that time that I was being drawn to Non duality and was reading books like "I am That" .

That's why I could feel a slight confusion and there was a sort of disconnect somewhere.

Here, "The Secret" tells you that you are the creator of everything around you and it is our thoughts and our vibrations that we send out to the universe that determine our lives.

"The secret" would have us believe that we are the most important beings in the universe and everything else is there to fulfill our wishes.
I guess it was our greed and wishful thinking which led us to believe whatever "The Secret" tries to teach us.

Now, we come to Non duality where we are told that "you" are an illusion. The ego doesn't exist. There is only beingness. In his book " I am That", Nisargadatta Maharaj reveal that we are just the witness of whatever happens.

Feelings arise, Thoughts arise --- You are just the witness of these. All you do is watch the show.

In the words of the Buddha " Events happen, deeds are done.But there is no individual doer of these deeds."

So, it becomes clear enough that we can either believe one of these. Either there is no doer OR there is a doer who can think thoughts and send vibrations out to the universe.

So, there is a choice for me -- I can believe Rhonda Byrne(Author of The Secret) OR I could believe the Buddha.
I dont know about you but I would rather vote for The Buddha.

Even If you dont know about the buddha or Rhonda. What does your experience say.

How many circumstances have you been able to control?

Well, I dont think that I can do justice to this topic in one blog post but I will be adding more about this later.

So I end it here now with a quote from Ramesh Balsekar ---

"You have not controlled your birth, you are not going to control your death. And you are not in control of anything in between"