Wednesday, September 29, 2004

letting the inner little voice be heard

the dreams , goals and the wishes that we have are God's little nudges towards what we ought to be doing because it is God who made us and so he knows our uniqueness and our speciality and the things that we would be able to do better. the things in which we will be able to achieve success.

the little inner voice that attracts us towards a direction is the higher self or God speaking from within us. the problem comes in when due to the undue chattering of the mind, the little voice becomes unheard. the chattering of the beliefs, the ideas that have moulded us . the environment and the people around us who tell us what we should be doing in order to achieve success.

just want to ask people what should we do when hurdles and obstacles come in the way of our dreams. when doubts arise that, whether we are on the right way or not. whether the inner little voice is actually the higher self and not the ego speaking. a very confusing topic.
trying to walk the path of the inner self, the path which is shown by our inner self.
Faraz Ahmed
author of self help and spirituality blog