Monday, December 18, 2006

Non duality and manifestation--Law of attraction

I dont know whether to believe this law of attraction thing or not. Although some thing tells me that It is true.
Actually it was when I read about non duality that everything changed for me.
So according to me , what happens in the law of attraction is that we assume and believe that we are at point A( which is umm, being poor and struggler or low self esteem) and we want to move to point B ( which is abundant and prosperous and charismatic).

At point A our beliefs were different and at point B our beliefs have become different and thus may attract the sort of things that we believe in now.i.e. at point B.

So, maybe all we have to do is to let go of the assumptions that we dont have certain things that we need or let go of the poverty beliefs.

Hec, no need to even let go. We just need to see that these are just beliefs which have somehow got there in our minds due to our environment or our conditioning.

I have now come to see that all there is , is just thoughts . What we believe ourselves to be is just a story. We believe that getting certain things is required for our happiness (even this is a belief). But we really dont know whether getting this or that would make us happy. It is only after getting the said thing that we realise that it was just an illusion and the thing doesnt make us any happier than before.