Sunday, December 03, 2006

Three Essential requirements to learn Self Hypnosis Quickly

Three Essential Requirements to learn Self Hypnosis Quickly

Without this knowledge , your self hypnosis efforts will be futile

1.The first thing is your ability to get into a trance quickly i.e. to get into a very deep state of relaxation where your mind is open to suggestions. The quicker you are able to learn to get into this trance state, the better. The more you practice doing this, the deeper your trance will become.

2.The Second thing is your ability to relax & give yourself suggestions,while in the trance state. So, the way to do this is to tape your suggestions in a recorder and listen to these suggestions while you are in a trance state. Believe me, I used to come out of the trance state , when I tried to give myself suggestions by memorizing them.So, better use a tape.

3.The third essential requirement is your ability to word your goals and whatever you want to achieve or manifest in a positive manner. The wording should be in such a way that you dont include any negative statements in it. Other thing to keep in mind is that you should state the goal as if it is already achieved .

Of course , this is a very broad view of learning self hypnosis. I will write more about it later. In the meanwhile, you could go and check out this free course on self hypnosis,by clicking here . Believe me,this is one of my favourite courses out there and the best thing is that-- it is FREE.


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