Monday, August 16, 2004

What actually is Success?

Hi, I am writing after many days . A few events took place which have shook and made me completely terrified.
It was actually about my career. I belong to a family of business people and they are forcing me to join it and carry on like all the others. This was like a blow . I had already let them know that i am interested in other fields like reiki, neurolinguistic programming, accupressure or you can say alternative health and mind power. Maybe these things are just not very well known as a way of making a living and therefore i was laughed at and ridiculed a thing which i sort of knew was going to happen one day or the other.

I am a very simple person and know that i wont be able to survive in the cut throat competition world of business , or better to say that i am not interested in earning from the business world. I would rather be a nlp or reiki practitioner or master who heals people and develop myself in the process. I am more interested in the self development stuff and would like to opt for a career which gives me peace and joy . An occupation which keeps me in the state of flow.

Somehow intuitively , i know that this is the thing that i am made for . the field of mind power and the esoteric have always attracted me and this is the thing that i want to earn my living from.

It is the family members who just dont understand. they just say that i am a fool and just dont know what the heck i am doing and that all this healing stuff is all bullshit.

I find that the business life is sort of very mechanical and the businessman is no longer a human being. he has become a robot who is programmed to keep doing the same things everyday . keep on earning money without having the time to use it or enjoy life, without being able to slow down and smell the roses. The person is like sitting on a merry go round which just keeps on rotating and the person doesnt want to get down fearing that he wont be able to survive. He feels insecure when he gets away from his business even for a few days. The fear that everything will be gone , whatever he has earned and made through his hard work will be gone, and so he keeps working hard like an ass.

I am currently working from home and i spend a lot of time in creative pursuits like playing the piano, meditation, reiki or healing. But , people tell me that this is not the way i should be . that the thing that i am doing is just a side business. That i should also do some sort of business which takes a lot of time and hard work to do. Only then will i be successful.
They say " You are successful , when you are working hard like an ass" " you have to do certain things to be successful and the most important is to struggle".

I feel so confused now. will anyone tell me , what actually is success? Is it to work hard and get approval of people who will say that you are successful? Are you successful only when people say that you are successful ? are you successful only when you are working or doing things the way the majority of people are doing it?

I want to ask -- " wont i be successful , if i am peaceful and happy with what i have? wont i be successful if i am happy with what i have? wont I be succesful , if i am doing the thing i love?

will i be successful only when people say that i am succesful or when i feel according to my standards that i am successful? Whew, man . a very difficult question to handle. what actually is success. Will somebody please answer my question?

do i really have to live according to others standards and forget , ignore and suppress the little voice inside me. I dont want to do that. I just believe that i am successful when i am happy , when i am full of joy and when i am doing the thing that i love.
Faraz Ahmed
self help and spirituality writer