Tuesday, October 17, 2006

False beliefs and Emotional Healing to develop emotional intelligence

Keys to Emotional Healing and develop Emotional Intelligence.

Here is a something I saw in a site.It was about someone who was emotional about how she behaved with people who did some disrespectful and discourteous things which she didnt like. The problem was that she didnt like the way she behaved with these kind of people and was very upset about it.She thought she should have behaved in a mature way, which she wasnt able to do.She wanted to behave like a mature adult.

Here is the answer that I gave her.


I think that you have already taken the first step, by seeing that something is wrong somewhere . But, its not what you think .

You know what . I was in a similar position. I had loads and loads of anger and used to keep it all inside me. I found that it was all due to false beliefs .

You are so right that you need to love yourself before you can love someone else.

The thing that you need to start with is by accepting yourself as you are . I’ll tell you what to do. Just see that your frustration and anger is due to the images and beliefs that you have in mind. You believe that you should behave in a certain way .i.e. like a “mature adult”.

So,find out if this idea is true. did someone tell you this. did your parents tell you this?
Or do you believe that you wont be considered mature if you dont talk it out like a “mature adult”?
Why do you want to be considered mature? what good would it do to you if you were considered mature?

Different people have different views and ideas of mature people, but the bottomline is that these are just ideas which can change. These are not written in stone.

And then , the million dollar question. What would happen if you let yourself behave in an immature way?

Why are you afraid of being immature. And please dont think that i am saying that the way you behave is immature. It is just that your idea of being mature doesnt match with it. And ideas can be wrong also.

So,this is one way you can go ahead. Answer these questions and you will find that you feel lighter and also come to know about the wrong beliefs that you have that are causing all this emotional diarrhea.

I know because I was there. But know I am so much peaceful and am feeling much more calmer even in difficult situations.

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