Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wow, another good day today.Another day of releasing and letting go of my wants and negativity. As I continue to release everyday, I find that I am becoming more and more clearer everyday, more relaxed and at peace with myself.
I am really feeling so good now, when the inner doubts and chatter seem to disappear.

I should be telling you that,I had thought about the idea of starting my blog a few months back, but just kept procrastinating.The Sedona Method helped me a lot in overcoming my fears. OOps, sorry. It was not the overcoming of fears, but accepting them, that made them vanish.When I tried to stop these fears and resisted them.They came with more force and more intensity. When I just felt the fears as they came up and kept on releasing. ,they seemed to vanish. It was my accepting the fears and letting them be there,that made them dissolve.Although the thoughts still come up. But their power has gone because it was my resistance that was giving them the power. My resistance was the reason that they kept coming with more and more force.

I realised that when I don't resist my feelings and just accept them as they come, they soon give up. It was my resisting that gave them the force. When I tried to oppose them they also pushed hard with an equal and opposite force. Now you see,the working of Newton's laws.

This is just like fighting without fighting. Where you don't have to fight your opponent. Seems like taichi to me.It is like saying "You can't defeat me, because I don't want to win".

Wow, keep feeling good.