Friday, October 29, 2004

Inspirational Quotes

I found some very good inspirational writings and quotations on the sedona method and the release technique. I am just putting this here for you. you will find here the power of acceptance and the virtues of letting go.

I'm trying to find the
value in anger. And what exactly it's purpose is? Surely it's not
just to cause discomfort.


A loved/hated person once wrote, "Be angry, but don't let the sun go down on
your anger." I would add, "Or you'll likely poison yourself, and your

Eckhart Tolle has pointed out how, for instance, ducks (I think it was) will
clash, and then it's over without much violence, really, and they shake it off.
They literally shake it off.

I know so many out there have heard Seth, on this. Right? That anger is
communication, creative energy, that too many of us think is "wrong", so we dam
it up...and later end up exploding?

I used to be a boilerman. When I took my exam for a 1st class license, one of
the questions asked was, "What is the most important fitting on a boiler?"
Answer: Safety relief valves. A boiler without those can reduce a wide area to


If it's an emotion then wouldn't one get
an ulcer by singing it, or painting it, or expressing it in whatever
way? I was recently reading about 'attachments' and thought that
perhaps it's a matter of not being attached to the emotion. Whatever
it may be.


Don't let the sun go down on your anger! Some say that means not carrying a
grudge. Another angle is this: Don't lose your awareness about it, or anger
will become a habituated response. I used to hit my head on boiler pipes, now
and then, (I'm tall), and I got into the habituated response of cursing
violently, sometimes throwing my hard hat as hard as I could. (I cracked one.)
After I returned to meditation, this largely stopped, not because of "being on
my toes" and watching out all the time,(like some sort of nervous guard), but
because somehow, within the brief period of hitting my head on a pipe, a "gap"
appeared, and with it, grace. Almost like seeing it outside of time. I could
even shake my head and joke about it. Not always, but I definitely became aware
of what was going on. The sun, (awareness), was back.


Letting it flow through me but not be judged by me or
attached to. It's hard to explain. It's like I have all this anger
inside me sometimes and I blame others for this anger, when of
course it is 'my anger' about something or someone... so then when I
pull back from the situation I see that anger is just another color
or just another way to view something. No biggee. Then I feel like
I'm not attached to the situation or the emotion. But sometimes I'm
smack dab in the middle of the emotion and my intellect tells me to
be peaceful. Be compassionate. Be kind. But that's not
the 'truth' of the moment. The truth of the moment is that I'm
angry. Now are you (or Seth) saying that that anger is based on a
belief? Or thought? And if so, what do I do with that emotion, or
passion, or thought, or judgement? What do I do with it. So that
it is healthy for me and not harmful to another.


Seth said beliefs are like furniture. If you can become aware of the source of
your anger, you will see the furniture, and you will decide whether or not you
want to "sit" on that idea. Comedians joke about how married couples get upset
over small things--like not putting the cap back on a tube of toothpaste. If
you see your anger is based on having a cap on a tube of toothpaste, are you
going to sustain that anger, or let it go? I know by experience that such
moments can be transformed--say, into humor. The angry energy can be
transformed into a silly dance involving a tube of toothpaste. Spouse laughs.
Kids laugh. Grandkids laugh. (Not that I care about toothpaste caps, but you
get my drift!) But what if a bunch of lawyers are clearly acting like
whitewashed tombs full of dead men's bones? You might choose, then, to make a
public spectacle of them. And you might grin, even if angry, and the gallery
might laugh.

There's a Seth exercise--what is it, Psychological Time? Basic meditation,
seemed to me. Practiced, this can turn a moment into a buffet of choices.
Could be startling, to see it--maybe, maybe not. Depends on how rigid the ego
is. Taking a different tack from usual could result in feeling a bit like an
ugly duckling, (dancing with a tube of toothpaste?!), but the promise holds
within it the vision of a beautiful swan. If you want to be that. Maybe you'd
rather be a comedian. It's wide open, yes?

Hope you enjoyed this post

faraz ahmed
sedona method junky