Friday, September 15, 2006

How to Remove feeling of Fear and Anxiety

How to Get Rid of Negative Thinking and remove Fear and Anxiety from myself??

This is a question that I found in one of the sites I visit. So, for any of you who have a similar problem. see the answer below.
I would like you take you a little deeper into this . You say that you keep thinking negatively and feel depressed and have lack of motivation. You also have a feeling of fear and anxiety in me.

Just to give your point of view a different direction----
You have seen all these thoughts and feelings coming . But do these stay there most of the time. Sometimes there is a feeling of fear and at other times there is anxiety. Still at other times there is depression and lack of motivation.

Now pay attention---- "Who is the one who is noticing all of these different feelings and thoughts coming and going?"

Is the one who is noticing all these feelings , depressed and anxious? Keep in mind that you are just noticing these feelings and thoughts that arise and disappear in you.

Yes, I said arise and disappear, because none of these thoughts and feelings stick to you. They come and go spontaneously but it is your memory that is recreating the problem.

So, could you just let them go?

Just try this ---

Stop trying to make these feelings go for 5 minutes? Cant do it for 5 minutes?? How about 2 minutes?? how about 1 minute??

In other words , stop trying to remove these feelings , just for 5 minutes and see whether they stay or not.

The fact is that these feelings come and go , but we keep reminding ourselves of how bad we felt during this feeling and keep wishing that it does not happen again. We just keep thinking about the anxiety and the negativity , thus recreating it.

So , what is happening is that you are worrying about anxiety.
You are fearful of fear.

You are making them permanent by trying to remove them.

The only thing i would suggest is to stop trying to control it for sometime and see what happens. I could put it this way---Set aside 5 minutes(or whatever time suits you) for worrying and anxiety. Set aside 5 minutes for feeling fear and depression.
I am sure you will like the results.


I would also suggest that you set aside some time for meditation .

Just try to get relaxed before starting your meditation . It is difficult to meditate when one's mind is racing with difficult thoughts and feelings. If you find it hard to slow down your feelings you could also use some brainwave entrainment cds. I have used it and found these brainwave entrainment cds to be helpful. There are lots of these in the market. The one that I use at present, is this one --click here.

So when you keep meditating regularly and just keep watching the thought flow and the feelings , the mind chatter will start to slow down and the feelings will get less intense.


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