Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Consciousness Just is!!!

Even as rock remains rock, carved or uncarved, consciousness remains consciousness whether the world appears or not. The world-appearance is but an empty expression; its substance is nothing but consciousness.

In fact, even these manifestations and modifications are but Brahman, the cosmic consciousness—though not in the sense of manifestation or modification. Even this distinction—modification in the sense of modification, or any other sense—is meaningless in Brahman. When such expressions are used in relation to Brahman, the meaning is quite different, like water in the mirage.

Sedona method for beginners


There is always a confusion among the beginners of the Sedona Method i.e. about the questions and perceiving the feelings that are going to be released. And I too have just recently come out of that stage therefore i know what the problem is .

The point which helps is to note that the sedona method is about releasing the physical feelings in the chest. You can ask the questions "could you?" or "would you?" while feeling these feelings or you could just let the feeling be and just go on witnessing it.

The idea which changed my view was after reading Nirmala's book "Nothing personal" from which I learnt that everything is just space and if you go on to find yourself you will be baffled . Go on just try it. where do you reside in your body?? Is it in the hands , your torso? Are you in the face. NO. There is just awareness, awareness about the things that are happening. When you are angry, you say that i am angry. But actually you are not there to be angry. You are aware of the anger that is passing you. If you just hold on to it, it will stay there. Releasing is to just let it pass. You just have to be a witness. In fact , you are only the witness, nothing else. In fact you can only watch the anger that is coming, because you know that the anger is not yours.

View the feelings that you are having not as a part of you, but just as a witness and completely feel it. When you are sad and feeling down dont resist that feeling. just experience what it is like to feel sad, to feel bad and it will just disappear. On the other hand if you experience this feeling thinking why it is not going now, am i doing something wrong?? This means that you are still not witnessing or perceiving or feeling your feelings but resisting it.
In that case , just experience what it is like to resist . Just witness how do you resist something , what do you do when you resist a feeling. do you feel some tightness in the chest or elsewhere in the body, what about your breathing?? Is the breathing affected?? completely be with the feeling . This is what you should be doing.

I think this is enough for now.

Faraz Ahmed

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