Saturday, September 11, 2004

Anger management & self awareness

Hi friends,
sorry for not writing anything for such a long time. As i have written previously, I am on vacation now and have problems in accessing a computer.

I have been practicing the sedona method for some time now and want to tell you that becoming aware of yourself really helps. Self awareness is very important. Most of us go on with our daily lives as if we are programmed machines to do certain tasks. some of the tasks like driving a car, tying our shoe laces. let me make it a little more clearer. suppose we are driving to our office what are the different things going on in our mind. the chattering in our mind is about the traffic, the noise and also what we are going to do when we reach there. so many thoughts and feelings fill our mind all at once. suppose someone does something which according to us is wrong we get really furious. we dont even notice when did the anger come within. we are unable to notice it as seperate from us.
It is when we become aware about the different thoughts and feelings within us that we can notice the anger. When we become aware , then only can we notice the anger come and then only can we see it as being seperate from us. as long as we dont see it coming we wont know that it can also go away.

Self awareness is the ultimate tool for anger management. although i can understand that who think thatthey can control and get rid of anger are half way there. it just remains for them to become aware of the anger as soon as it arises. the task is to just notice anger . you dont have to try to change or control anger or get rid of anger. we should not resist anger. all that needs to be done is to notice it and accept that you are having a feeling called anger. remember this " you are not angry. A feeling called anger has arised and you just have to allow it to be there and to let it pass when it comes.

Remember, noticing the anger, feeling the anger , doesnt mean that you need to start quarelling and fighting .this is called the expression of your anger or your feeling and expressing your feelings is different from letting go of feelings. expressing is not acceptance. just know that you are angry and accept the fact.

well, i think this is enough for now .dont you think so.
Faraz Ahmed
anger management by self awareness----this according to me is the best method for anger management