Friday, July 16, 2004

Achieve your goals Today--Part 2

In Part 1 of this article I had written how People keep pushing off their goals to the future, because they think that they are not good enough today or they dont have enough knowledge today.

Somehow it enters into our minds that in the future things will be fine. Things will get better.Somehow we think that " I will become smart enough, good enough , dashing , dynamic, good in everything". But remember all of these things are being thought about the future, not the present. This is because if we think about it in the present we feel overwhelmed.We have a lot of limiting beliefs and resistances within us which dont let us think about achieving our goals in the present moment. We say to ourselves " oh Boy, I dont think I will be able to do that."

By thinking about all the goals being fulfilled in the future,we are passing on the responsibility to the person in the future( our future selves). Although that person will still be the same , but imagining him in the future makes  the person far off. Far enough so that we can imagine that the person will have all the abilities, that we dont have NOW. In some sort of magical way those abilities required for success will manifest within us.

I am not writing this article here just to find out faults with you or even myself. What I want to let you know is that until we accept ourselves as we are.Until we accept ourselves with all our faults and weaknesses , success won,t come to us .

No miracles are going to happen which will change us into superhumans who have loads of talent in any field. We wont suddenly get transformed into people who have all the abilities that we desire to have NOW.

It is in the accepting of our faults that we find the way to success and freedom. We have to quit, wanting to change ourselves.we should allow ourselves to be as we are. We have to become aware that people who are successful are also ordinary people like us. People who make it big in their fields also have weaknesses. They also get sick. These people also laugh and joke like us. They also want the love and respect of people. Do you get it now. As long as we think that we have to change ourselves to become successful,it wont happen, however hard we try. We can work for as many hours as we want. We can bang our heads on the walls but success wont come to you  if you think that you have to change . As long as you think that you have to change ,that you got to have loads of talent before you become successful. success wont come to you.

It is when you believe that you can achieve your goals now without changing yourself that things will start to change. Start believing that you can achieve your goals as you are NOW.Know the fact that successful people are no different.Start believing that we can achieve all our goals , even with all our weaknesses and faults.Stop looking for perfection, because no one is perfect.
Thanks Bye,ordinary people are successful
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