Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi Kirsten,

Thanks for the site. I had never heard of this site before.
Actually I was going to write this as a comment but somehow I couldn't stop writing and so I had to make it as a blog post.

Actually I was drawn into nonduality this way only.
A reader of my blog had directed me to a non duality site and then there was no coming back. I just kept going deeper and deeper into it and now I find that most of the things dont attract me anymore.

I had lots of goals earlier and I used to think that somehow I have to get those things to be happy. But now, I just see the valuelessness of things and I sort of intuitively know that I will be feeling the same way even if I get what I wanted.

Hey, That's one more flaw of "The secret" -- it tells you to get things and teaches you that materialism is good but the fact is that manifesting your desires and achieving goals really wont change much.You will be the same and you will remain the same no matter where you go. As the saying goes "Wherever I go, there I am"

When you see the valuelessness in things you are able to stay calm and not get excited too quickly because the truth is that "Nothing Really Matters" , and that is what the Sedona Method also teaches. It tells you to let go of trying to change things.

But I found that non duality was even better than the sedona method. If you go and read "Bob adamson's" site, "Stephen Wingate's" site, and yes, "john wheeler" too, then you will find that you are somehow giving less importance to the stories playing your mind and just staying there relaxing in your beingness.

I think this much is enough for today.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Secret Busted--- Flaws of the Secret.

Hi Folks,
I guess most of you have read or at least heard about "The Secret".

I think it was at that time that I was being drawn to Non duality and was reading books like "I am That" .

That's why I could feel a slight confusion and there was a sort of disconnect somewhere.

Here, "The Secret" tells you that you are the creator of everything around you and it is our thoughts and our vibrations that we send out to the universe that determine our lives.

"The secret" would have us believe that we are the most important beings in the universe and everything else is there to fulfill our wishes.
I guess it was our greed and wishful thinking which led us to believe whatever "The Secret" tries to teach us.

Now, we come to Non duality where we are told that "you" are an illusion. The ego doesn't exist. There is only beingness. In his book " I am That", Nisargadatta Maharaj reveal that we are just the witness of whatever happens.

Feelings arise, Thoughts arise --- You are just the witness of these. All you do is watch the show.

In the words of the Buddha " Events happen, deeds are done.But there is no individual doer of these deeds."

So, it becomes clear enough that we can either believe one of these. Either there is no doer OR there is a doer who can think thoughts and send vibrations out to the universe.

So, there is a choice for me -- I can believe Rhonda Byrne(Author of The Secret) OR I could believe the Buddha.
I dont know about you but I would rather vote for The Buddha.

Even If you dont know about the buddha or Rhonda. What does your experience say.

How many circumstances have you been able to control?

Well, I dont think that I can do justice to this topic in one blog post but I will be adding more about this later.

So I end it here now with a quote from Ramesh Balsekar ---

"You have not controlled your birth, you are not going to control your death. And you are not in control of anything in between"

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Law of Attraction-- Manifesting Wealth Beyond Reason

Why isn't the law of attraction working for me?

I have seen lots of these questions everywhere and all of those seem to be around "why isn't it working for me?" or "how soon does it work"? or " I am thinking rich but I am not growing rich"?

See, if you have also been guilty of asking yourself and everyone else these questions, then you need not worry. This has happened to everyone but to make this work there is one basic that you must keep in mind.

The thing is that most of the time we are trying to resist the struggle. So, suppose that you think that you need more money (obviously you will be believing that you dont have it). You have this image attached to yourself. Your self image, which says that you dont have money and then try and remove that image and resist when the thought says that I dont have any money. That is the main problem. Don't try to fight or resist the self image which says negative things. Just see that it is an image and it is not true.

You dont have to be that hard on yourself by trying to do the part of the universe. Once you have set out the intention , you have done your part. After that, just forget about it. And if thoughts about your desires still come to you. Then dont fight them. Just let those thoughts be there. I hope that answers the questions that were stated above.

And I am sure that after reading this article you will have a lot of questions. So, I am giving you this opportunity here to get your questions answered from Bob Doyle. I hope you know who Bob Doyle is . In case you dont know him, I would like to tell you that he is the creator of the "Wealth Beyond Reason" Course and was also feature in the movie "The Secret".

The opportunity is that you can ask Bob any question you have about using the law of attraction to create your life by design.

Bob's commitment is that he will hold NOTHING back. You WILL get the answers to your questions!

Ask away your questions and you'll be sent call-in instructions for his tele-conference (free for the one who asks a question), as well as a free copy of the "Wealth Beyond Reason Manifestation Guide", which is part of Bob's Wealth Beyond Reason program.

So, dont miss this opportunity of a life time and ask your question now before he stops taking more questions. Go here---


Faraz ahmed

Monday, December 18, 2006

Non duality and manifestation--Law of attraction

I dont know whether to believe this law of attraction thing or not. Although some thing tells me that It is true.
Actually it was when I read about non duality that everything changed for me.
So according to me , what happens in the law of attraction is that we assume and believe that we are at point A( which is umm, being poor and struggler or low self esteem) and we want to move to point B ( which is abundant and prosperous and charismatic).

At point A our beliefs were different and at point B our beliefs have become different and thus may attract the sort of things that we believe in now.i.e. at point B.

So, maybe all we have to do is to let go of the assumptions that we dont have certain things that we need or let go of the poverty beliefs.

Hec, no need to even let go. We just need to see that these are just beliefs which have somehow got there in our minds due to our environment or our conditioning.

I have now come to see that all there is , is just thoughts . What we believe ourselves to be is just a story. We believe that getting certain things is required for our happiness (even this is a belief). But we really dont know whether getting this or that would make us happy. It is only after getting the said thing that we realise that it was just an illusion and the thing doesnt make us any happier than before.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Three Essential requirements to learn Self Hypnosis Quickly

Three Essential Requirements to learn Self Hypnosis Quickly

Without this knowledge , your self hypnosis efforts will be futile

1.The first thing is your ability to get into a trance quickly i.e. to get into a very deep state of relaxation where your mind is open to suggestions. The quicker you are able to learn to get into this trance state, the better. The more you practice doing this, the deeper your trance will become.

2.The Second thing is your ability to relax & give yourself suggestions,while in the trance state. So, the way to do this is to tape your suggestions in a recorder and listen to these suggestions while you are in a trance state. Believe me, I used to come out of the trance state , when I tried to give myself suggestions by memorizing them.So, better use a tape.

3.The third essential requirement is your ability to word your goals and whatever you want to achieve or manifest in a positive manner. The wording should be in such a way that you dont include any negative statements in it. Other thing to keep in mind is that you should state the goal as if it is already achieved .

Of course , this is a very broad view of learning self hypnosis. I will write more about it later. In the meanwhile, you could go and check out this free course on self hypnosis,by clicking here . Believe me,this is one of my favourite courses out there and the best thing is that-- it is FREE.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Millionaire Mind- Meditations Manifesting Abundance

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

False beliefs and Emotional Healing to develop emotional intelligence

Keys to Emotional Healing and develop Emotional Intelligence.

Here is a something I saw in a site.It was about someone who was emotional about how she behaved with people who did some disrespectful and discourteous things which she didnt like. The problem was that she didnt like the way she behaved with these kind of people and was very upset about it.She thought she should have behaved in a mature way, which she wasnt able to do.She wanted to behave like a mature adult.

Here is the answer that I gave her.


I think that you have already taken the first step, by seeing that something is wrong somewhere . But, its not what you think .

You know what . I was in a similar position. I had loads and loads of anger and used to keep it all inside me. I found that it was all due to false beliefs .

You are so right that you need to love yourself before you can love someone else.

The thing that you need to start with is by accepting yourself as you are . I’ll tell you what to do. Just see that your frustration and anger is due to the images and beliefs that you have in mind. You believe that you should behave in a certain way .i.e. like a “mature adult”.

So,find out if this idea is true. did someone tell you this. did your parents tell you this?
Or do you believe that you wont be considered mature if you dont talk it out like a “mature adult”?
Why do you want to be considered mature? what good would it do to you if you were considered mature?

Different people have different views and ideas of mature people, but the bottomline is that these are just ideas which can change. These are not written in stone.

And then , the million dollar question. What would happen if you let yourself behave in an immature way?

Why are you afraid of being immature. And please dont think that i am saying that the way you behave is immature. It is just that your idea of being mature doesnt match with it. And ideas can be wrong also.

So,this is one way you can go ahead. Answer these questions and you will find that you feel lighter and also come to know about the wrong beliefs that you have that are causing all this emotional diarrhea.

I know because I was there. But know I am so much peaceful and am feeling much more calmer even in difficult situations.

It would do you good if you could come and read my blog where I keep writing about similar stuff. I am sure it would help you. I keep writing about how the different courses that i have bought have helped me and also share a few tips from these courses, for free.

The courses that has helped me is this one. So you could go to this site and check out different articles which are very helpful.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Meditation, Enlightenment & Paradox

Meditation, Enlightenment & Paradox

There are different types of meditation. Some types are for relieving stress or tension and some are more concerned with physical health and postures but the main goal of all of it is enlightenment.

Yes, people start on this with regards to their problems or maybe releiving stress or increase their energy levels but soon find that there is a deeper level. A level which is deeper than the eyes can see and thus your journey on the pathless path begins which would take you to a state of peace and tranquility which you have not experienced before.

you would not know that you are travelling on this path until you have gone very far.
You will keep practicing techniques and methods till you realize that no technique is required.
You will keep practicing till you see that no practice is required and you in the end you will find , that what you have found has always been there.

Yes, This sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo but it is not. Only the mind cant get it.

You will find it when you realize that there is no you to find it and there is no one who meditates.

Wow!! What a paradox it is.

The pathless path which takes you through the gateless gate guarded by desire and fear.

A site which could teach you to have meditative and spiritual experiences. Really cool here.

Relieve Stress:Financial Troubles, Low Self Esteem

Relieve Stress from Financial troubles. Low Self Esteem

Another question that I answered. It could help you too.

Q: How do I relieve stress: motherhood, financial troubles, death. Low self Esteem.


There will be motherhood, there will be financial troubles and obviously death has to happen. Just see that stress is the normal reaction of a human being. Stress happens when the body releases some chemicals as per the needs and demands of the individual .

About low self esteem. I would say that you write down the reasons of having this low self esteem. Write down all the things, such as " I am no good " or "Why am I the way I am" "Why cant i hold on to my job" or similar stuff.

You will find that all of this is part of a story--your story. The story that you believe in so much. The story which you are trying to change. Okay, Imagine this. What would happen if you suddenly lost your memory and forgot everything about your past .

Would you still have low self esteem? Doesnt this prove that it is your belief in the story that is keeping your problems with you.Could you for a moment see that whatever stories you believe in have long gone and now only exist in your mind? Answer this question for me. In this moment, just this moment not even a second ago, what is the problem. OOh, So did you have to go and do a search for it in your mind. But would that problem still be there if you didnt think about it.Your beliefs in the problems are feeding energy to them and thus making them real.

So, is the low self esteem still there when you dont recreate it in this moment. I would suggest you to stop thinking about it for some time. Set aside some time. say 30 minutes or even 5 minutes and stop trying to change your low self esteem. Just for half an hour behave as if there was no self esteem problem. What ?? Cant do it?? Try it. I am sure you will get results .

I would also suggest you to listen to some relaxing music or maybe use binaural beats or brainwave entrainment to get detached from your stories and problems and have a different view of these.

The one that I use now is this one---click here. I used to listen to some music with ocean waves and nature sounds before which helped me to calm down my chattering mind but I find binaural beats to be much better. So, you could take a look at it and even get a free course on brainwave entrainment there.

How to Remove feeling of Fear and Anxiety

How to Get Rid of Negative Thinking and remove Fear and Anxiety from myself??

This is a question that I found in one of the sites I visit. So, for any of you who have a similar problem. see the answer below.
I would like you take you a little deeper into this . You say that you keep thinking negatively and feel depressed and have lack of motivation. You also have a feeling of fear and anxiety in me.

Just to give your point of view a different direction----
You have seen all these thoughts and feelings coming . But do these stay there most of the time. Sometimes there is a feeling of fear and at other times there is anxiety. Still at other times there is depression and lack of motivation.

Now pay attention---- "Who is the one who is noticing all of these different feelings and thoughts coming and going?"

Is the one who is noticing all these feelings , depressed and anxious? Keep in mind that you are just noticing these feelings and thoughts that arise and disappear in you.

Yes, I said arise and disappear, because none of these thoughts and feelings stick to you. They come and go spontaneously but it is your memory that is recreating the problem.

So, could you just let them go?

Just try this ---

Stop trying to make these feelings go for 5 minutes? Cant do it for 5 minutes?? How about 2 minutes?? how about 1 minute??

In other words , stop trying to remove these feelings , just for 5 minutes and see whether they stay or not.

The fact is that these feelings come and go , but we keep reminding ourselves of how bad we felt during this feeling and keep wishing that it does not happen again. We just keep thinking about the anxiety and the negativity , thus recreating it.

So , what is happening is that you are worrying about anxiety.
You are fearful of fear.

You are making them permanent by trying to remove them.

The only thing i would suggest is to stop trying to control it for sometime and see what happens. I could put it this way---Set aside 5 minutes(or whatever time suits you) for worrying and anxiety. Set aside 5 minutes for feeling fear and depression.
I am sure you will like the results.


I would also suggest that you set aside some time for meditation .

Just try to get relaxed before starting your meditation . It is difficult to meditate when one's mind is racing with difficult thoughts and feelings. If you find it hard to slow down your feelings you could also use some brainwave entrainment cds. I have used it and found these brainwave entrainment cds to be helpful. There are lots of these in the market. The one that I use at present, is this one --click here.

So when you keep meditating regularly and just keep watching the thought flow and the feelings , the mind chatter will start to slow down and the feelings will get less intense.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stress and Anxiety Reduction with Brainwave entrainment

Stress and Anxiety Relief using Brainwave Entrainment Cds

I had told you people that I would be writing about brainwave entrainment and binaural beats . I have told you earlier and I am telling you now. Stress and Anxiety are chemical reactions in the brain. Therefore using medication gives relief ,whether you have stress or anxiety or depression, whatever.

The state of your brain determines what you are experiencing and what are the chemicals being released . It depends whether the chemicals being released by your body ,of course with orders from your brain, are for making your joyous or sad, making you feel the blues or stresssed out.

What the binaural beats do , is that with the use of specially designed music, they alter your brainwaves by changing the brainwave frequency, thus changing your mental state and the chemicals being released.

A few of the results that I have found using brainwave entrainment is that it helps you to relax and takes you to deep levels of mind such as alpha or delta level.

If you have problems sleeping or have difficulty in concentration due to excessive mind chatter, brainwaves could be of help.

Anyways, You could check out my friend Stephen Pierce's site where he gives you some more info about brainwave entrainment and binaural beats.

If you are interested to know more about how brainwave entrainment could help you, just take a look at it---- click here

I am not sure if it is still going on, but he was giving out a free report on brainwaves and binaural beats. I dont know if he has stopped , but check it out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stress and Anxiety Relief Treatment

The Stress And Anxiety Relief Treatment

Are you suffering from stress and anxiety and looking for ways to get stress and anxiety relief. A lot of people nowadays are suffering from anxiety and stress and although it sounds funny, many people are worried about their stress and anxiety attacks. What I mean is that their stress and worrying has gone to a new level and instead of worrying about some job stress or seperation anxiety, these people start to worry about their anxiety attacks and have a constant fear of having an attack.

If you are one of those people , then I would like to tell you that it is really a chemical reaction in our body which cause the stress and anxiety. Whether it be a job or your child. The anxiety and stress is actually a chemical reaction in your body which you would not be able to control . The best way is to see that it is just a reaction and become detached from it. Let the stress or anxiety be there for some time. Nurse it like a child and you will find that it will soon vanish.

Even the foods that you eat or the environment where you live or work could be the trigger for your anxiety attacks. A few breathing techniques or yoga could help to relieve your stress.
I find that listening to music is also a good way for relaxing yourself. Actually I have used this a lot . I listened to soft meditative music which caused me to relax and go into a deep deep trance state which felt really nice. So, you could also check out this method.

I also wanted to point out to you , a great resource which teaches you ----
1. How to uncover the foods that are causing the anxiety attacks.
2. Using breathing techniques to overcome anxiety attacks.
3. How to learn a simple tapping procedure that brings immediate relief to anxiety sufferers......... and a lot lot more.

You could check out this resource by clicking here.


A few more tips that I could give is the practice of meditation.

The method is to sit down for some time and concentrate on your breath. Keep breathing deeply but slowly without exerting yourself. The deep breathing changes the chemical reaction of the body and reduces the stress and anxiety causing chemicals in your body.

While doing this method dont try to fight your stress or anxiety and just let the thoughts flow in front of you. Keep watching all your thoughts and worries and they will melt away in no time.

You could use some brainwave entrainment music or binaural beats which would help you alter your brainwaves and thus taking you to an altered state of mind.

I will write more about brainwave entrainment and subliminal methods of stress and anxiety reduction in a later post.