Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Achieve your goals Today--Part 1

I have seen here how everyone keeps on writing about internet marketing, how to get high rankings in search engines. How to make sales. How to earn residual income. Everyone is lured to the world of network marketing and internet marketing. Everyone is here because he or she wants to earn money, be financially free and enjoy life to the fullest.

Everyday thousands of people are coming to the internet and join a mlm or network marketing company. Different people teach them different ways of how they started to earn money in network marketing and how they can teach them to do it too.

What I have noticed is that many people are there who keep on reading ebooks, marketing courses, and spend a lot of money in gaining more knowledge. The problem is that they dont know , how much knowledge is necessary for their success. How much should they know before they start acting on that knowledge.

the point is that after reading one or two good books or going through a few good courses a person gets enough knowledge to start doing what they have read. But in most of the cases , people just dont stop. they still think that they need to know more. That they are not good enough to start now. that they wont be able to do it now. This is the problem with most of the people and it is even with me. We cant see ourselves as successful NOW. We just create a successful image of ourselves far off in the future,and we dont know actually how far in the future is it going to happen. how long is it going to take before we succeed.But one thing that we are sure and we are completely confident that it is not NOW. That we surely cant be successful NOW,maybe it will happen in the future but certainly not Now.

If we think about it deeply , it surely seems to be a funny idea. I have seen the example of this in many local grocery shops, where a signboard is kept saying. "Cash Today , Credit Tomorrow". So, whenever a person wants to buy on credit, the shopowner shows them this sign-- saying cash today and credit tomorrow , forcing the customer to pay in cash. The point is that when the customer comes the next day( or tomorrow), it doesnt remain tomorrow, it is the present day. And again he should pay in cash . the credit is always for tomorrow, which never comes.
Although it is a good idea for shopowners, but not for people who want to achieve goals and succeed. People just cant say that tomorrow will be a good day. People just should not keep fooling themselves with this tomorrow thing. Even if they just have all their hopes on tomorrow , or on the future, no MIRACLES are going to happen tomorrow or in the future.

they just wont wake up one fine day and notice that they have all the abilities that are required for success. There are even lower chances that they will wake up one fine morning and notice that they are sleeping in a big bed of a very big room which is just a small part of their big palace.wow. a very good dream but it wont happen until you keep pushing it in the future.

The moral is that please start applying what you have learnt . Maybe your site , wont be a good one . But it will be better than the one you havent built. Maybe your article is not good enough but it will still be better than the one you have not written. Please believe me. If you keep taking a few small steps everyday TOWARDS your GOAL. No one can stop you.Good luck.