Thursday, July 06, 2006

How Not to Stop Anxiety Attacks---Part 1

I heard a person giving tips on stopping anxiety attacks and panic attacks in their tracks. But the tips that he was giving was awful and had the potential to make the person fat and addicted.

What the person said was that when he gets a panic attack or anxiety attack , he starts to nibble on something crunchy so that the crunch that he heard in his mind would distract his mind from the anxious thoughts.

Usually the crunchy substance is something fattening like chips or pop corn or similar substances. This surely leads to an addiction because after that anytime you feel anxiety you start eating something crunchy or eating anything just to escape from the anxious thoughts. This is the starting point for eating disorders, because you are not eating because you are hungry but to escape from the anxious thoughts in your mind.

I should also let you know that trying to distract your mind from the anxious thoughts is the worst method to stop anxiety attacks. By doing this you are trying to escape the anxious thoughts. You are trying to make them go away and you are afraid and fearful of those thoughts.

I would warn my readers not to get into this trap. Because this is not a cure for anxiety attacks but leads to further disorders and also makes you fat.

If anyone of you would like further details in this topic , please post a comment and I would post another article on that topic.

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