Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stress and Anxiety Relief Treatment

The Stress And Anxiety Relief Treatment

Are you suffering from stress and anxiety and looking for ways to get stress and anxiety relief. A lot of people nowadays are suffering from anxiety and stress and although it sounds funny, many people are worried about their stress and anxiety attacks. What I mean is that their stress and worrying has gone to a new level and instead of worrying about some job stress or seperation anxiety, these people start to worry about their anxiety attacks and have a constant fear of having an attack.

If you are one of those people , then I would like to tell you that it is really a chemical reaction in our body which cause the stress and anxiety. Whether it be a job or your child. The anxiety and stress is actually a chemical reaction in your body which you would not be able to control . The best way is to see that it is just a reaction and become detached from it. Let the stress or anxiety be there for some time. Nurse it like a child and you will find that it will soon vanish.

Even the foods that you eat or the environment where you live or work could be the trigger for your anxiety attacks. A few breathing techniques or yoga could help to relieve your stress.
I find that listening to music is also a good way for relaxing yourself. Actually I have used this a lot . I listened to soft meditative music which caused me to relax and go into a deep deep trance state which felt really nice. So, you could also check out this method.

I also wanted to point out to you , a great resource which teaches you ----
1. How to uncover the foods that are causing the anxiety attacks.
2. Using breathing techniques to overcome anxiety attacks.
3. How to learn a simple tapping procedure that brings immediate relief to anxiety sufferers......... and a lot lot more.

You could check out this resource by clicking here.


A few more tips that I could give is the practice of meditation.

The method is to sit down for some time and concentrate on your breath. Keep breathing deeply but slowly without exerting yourself. The deep breathing changes the chemical reaction of the body and reduces the stress and anxiety causing chemicals in your body.

While doing this method dont try to fight your stress or anxiety and just let the thoughts flow in front of you. Keep watching all your thoughts and worries and they will melt away in no time.

You could use some brainwave entrainment music or binaural beats which would help you alter your brainwaves and thus taking you to an altered state of mind.

I will write more about brainwave entrainment and subliminal methods of stress and anxiety reduction in a later post.


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