Friday, August 18, 2006

All Is One, One is All !!

This is a nice little article that I read in the remote viewing site. Well, I just love all sort of metaphysical things ,Supernatural. Sort of anything which shows that there is much more to this universe than what is seen. It shows that their is a higher level than what we usually think of and beings exist ,which we dont believe. All this is taken from the remote viewing site .It is called the academy of remote viewing and influencing.

so without saying anything further. Here's the article below:

Hello everyOne:

I have been inundated lately with calls of people complaining of feeling on edge, miserable, and seeing everyone around them fighting and arguing. A sense of high anxiety is pervading many.

Also I get many lady students or friends saying that they feel this deep sense of loss, and cry for no apparent logical and linear reason. Old hidden issues are surfacing with a revenge.

Something important is going on.

There is anger, strife, solitude, and depression in the air.

We all feel it. Most do not know why they have these profound feelings of fear/pain and sense of incapacitating loneliness. It is almost as if a perception of great loss and death is at the door. Many of my friends have been releasing much and sobbing. There is feeling of impending doom sweeping the world.

Conflicts are raging or about to. Families and old friends are arguing. Road rage is everywhere, political infighting and violence is brewing, countries are threatening others with total extermination, etc....

We are on the edge, indeed.

A very angry red/black old energy has appeared and slowly infiltrated as many and as much as it can since December 2005.

I have been involved with many other unknown ones in deflecting the assault, absorbing, and transmuting it.

What if we are finally letting go of our deep inner fears and thought forms? What if we are finally ready to face our alter-ego of fear: our mirror which we created for so long? What if we can absorb it as being us, and embrace it into One?

Last Sunday 21st of May, 2006, I witnessed with some friends, under a perfect blue sky on a Florida beach, a large circular rainbow around the sun. There was a large and dark vibrating gray/very dark blue and almost spherical area inside of it and at its center a very bright sun. The image looked like a gigantic eye with a white light center. It was slowly approaching the earth for hours on end. I was told that the Eye of the Sun was getting very close to this reality.

Something big happened on May 25th, and may be revealed at some point.

I feel that from May 26th onward, much of the old angry energy has been somehow dissipated. So far.

We will very soon release a meditation on CD, that will teach you how to bring forth from your HeartCore the pure energy of One and Love, non-vibratory White Light, which no illusory vibratory light, dark, or of any hue, can penetrate and disturb.

In the meantime try to ask yourself the following: Is my anger, and rambling, frustration with this and that, and the desire to see my point of view prevail, my OWN thought? Or rather is it being thought for me, and made alive with feelings originating from levels of my HS, by an aggressive and angry Red/dark energy who has infiltrated my being without my noticing it at all? And who is that energy, if not originating from us?

Before you scare many in telling them that they are enslaved, please liberate your Self first.

It is only by the vibration of what you are and have become that you can then lead others by example.

Hell is here and so is Heaven. You decide, and make it what you desire it to be.

How could it be, you ask?

You are the one who can flip the moon around, from its dark side reflecting back, to having its light side loving you.

In reality you are both sun (son) and moon (man). Night and day. Cycling around and around.

Inside the moon lies a core of Light. Inside the sun lies a core of dark. Inside the One both merge.

Reality is an illusion, all of it. It can be made fun or it can become hellish (hell means Light in German). The best way for darkness to hide is under the illusion of vibratory light. Dark is not evil, neither is light good. Get over it; otherwise you'll repeat the cuckoo nuts of the ancients and might get hit on the head when you expect it the least.

Lighten up with old programs, books, and movies, for it is time to take the trip back home: The black hole portal has shown up with the magnificent light at the end.

Question is: are you really ready to go back home, fearless, and happy? Or do you like being here so you can feel and project out fear, watch more horror movies, killings, car chases and disasters? Do you really want to complain more and point out to yourself and others at all the evil of the demi-or-quarter urge, who, by the way, must also be part of One, since NOTHING can exist outside of One?

Only get the One Urge: The urge to unite all and see it all as the ALL.

Well, you are free to write what you want, to sing your song. As of me, I am free to write what I want and to sing my little mechanic's song...

Be happy,
Love and care deeply for each other no matter what and whom,
And sing, dance, the Glory of ALL that you are, dark and light, and all hues of the rainbow in between....

So I whistle today, under the cuckoo nuts tree~~~~~~

To remind you that this article was taken from the remote viewing site.

Please post your comments and tell me what you think about remote viewing and similar metaphysical stuff.


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