Thursday, August 17, 2006

NonDuality & Manifestation

This is a sort of reply to the comment posted in my earlier post about release technique and non duality and law of attraction.

So my friend, I am glad to hear that you are also in the non duality camp just like me. But, the doubts like everything else is arising a fear which says what if all this is not true and I am really real not just a non existent story.This is a sort of fear in giving up control and fearing about the consequences of not having control. But I just cant help it, because all this fear is also just arising in me and I dont have any control over it.

I had started in this field ,I could say with the sedona method and the release technique which led me further and further into non duality. Actually it was a comment by a reader of this blog which led me to the non duality stuff and there was no looking back after it. Yes, in the beginning I had wanted to manifest abundance and prosperity around me by releasing and letting go. There was anxiety,there was panic about whether i would finally get there or not. But frankly speaking, I didnt know where I wanted to go finally.I was having problems setting goals because whatever goal I was setting I could see that getting the goal would really not make me happy. After manifesting my goal, I would be saying "okay, this is done! What next?" Thus there would be no relaxing in the now. There would always be a searching for happiness in the future.

Non duality has changed it all. I have read books by Bob adamson--"What's wrong with right now if you dont think about it" and by Ramesh Balsekar---"Confusion,No more" and "The seeker".

I have also read Nisargadatta Maharaj's book "I am that".

All of these books were really good and changed my whole outlook towards life.

But still, there is a feeling that it would be good if the manifesting things were real and under my control. It would be good if I were able to manifest my life and lived the life my way. On second thoughts, I see that what I am saying as my life and my way of life and my desire and goals are all due to the way that I am conditioned. I cant help wanting what I want, desiring what I desire. It is just not upto me.

All problems are for the person and I am afraid of not looking after the person---As if i was controlling the things.

Anyways, I think I am just rambling. Please give your questions and share your views on this using the comments section.

Thanks for reading.


At 7:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say you keep doubting that what if nonduality is not true? Well, I think the whole point is we can NEVER know what is exactly the whole truth. Wayne Liquorman himself says not to trust his "bullshit," but to realize it is ALL BS, and to do what works for you.
So what if it ISN'T true, and it turns out if you had correctly learned to manifest, you could have had that great car, that new house, that beautiful spouse, that terrific career, etc., if only you would have gone to one more seminar or learned how to properly meditate, etc.
My answer is, so what? So what if you missed out? Is it going to matter 100 years from now?
I think the beauty of the nonduality teaching is that it has such a relaxed, "so what" vibe about it. That you can do what you want, because that's what you are going to do anyway. That once you really understand, you will have contentment and peace, regardless of circumstances. And that's what everyone really wants- contentment and peace. They keep searching for things, people, money, etc., in order to give them that,not realizing that they never can give them that, and the peace and contentment thing only comes from the full realization that All is the Totality operating, all is happening, THORUGH us, not by us or to us- and to just watch it happen.
My 2 cents :)

At 7:22 PM , Blogger Faraz Ahmed said...

That is a very nice way to see it. Yes, you are right even if I am feeling afraid and doubting that it might not be true. Even that is coming by itself and I am unable to think otherwise until it happens.

Whether I could have done something or manifested something is also not under my control because I am not the doer.

Very nicely said.



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