Monday, June 19, 2006

Guided meditation for relief from anxiety

If you are someone who knows me , then you will know that I am very much a fan of meditation. Because meditation is what changed my life .

I still remember the first time I had tried meditation. Actually it was the silva meditation method which I had used to start with the meditation.This was long long back.I used to have migraine headaches and was tensed about my career and lots of other things. The everyday things like loud noises and people used to annoy me.
I just got attracted to the small book I saw in a book store and got hooked to it.
I tried out its alpha level technique , where through meditation technique I went to a deep level of mind. The first time I did it was when i was about to go to sleep.

In the book, it was written that best time to practice was just before going to sleep. I went on to do it, without expecting anything. Then i started doing the technique as i had read it. and slowly and slowly i was going deeper and deeper into my mind getting more and more relaxed, till I was unable to feel my body anymore.
When i opened my eyes , it was morning. I had slept like a log. I was so fresh that i cant explain to you. Actually I dont know if it was the freshness or maybe it was because it was the first time that i had so soundly that made me become a fan. But this was the best thing that happened to me.

After this , i was so much drawn into meditation that i started reading a lot of books on the subject. And slowly and slowly before i know I was drawn into spirituality. I was no more the same person. I dont know if the cause of this was reading that book or maybe some hidden force which made me read that book and made me successful with it the first time. I dont know how. but i really am not the same person anymore.

You could just check out a free guided meditation of the silva method , i assure you it will be of great help.

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