Friday, June 16, 2006

Meditate to deal with anxiety

In my previous post I had written about witnessing yourself when you get an anxiety attack. But the hard truth is that it is very difficult to apply.

A solution is to start meditating .
No, meditation is not sitting in mysterious poses and uncomfortable forms which are hard to maintain.
You could just sit down and watch your breath going in and out or maybe just watching your thoughts. This is the best type of meditation for a beginner .And I would suggest this to all the persons dealing with anxiety.

If I give an analogy. The mind could be said to be of two types --- like water which gets disturbed fast and takes a long time to come back to rest and the other type is honey, which takes a longer time to get disturbed and settles back to silence.

What meditation does is to stop the fast thoughts and movements of the mind and acts as a red signal for thoughts. After a long day of hard work when your mind is racing and thoughts are continuing till you think that your mind is going to burst, meditation gives your mind the much needed rest . Meditation puts a break in your mind and puts you a little distant from your thoughts or worries.

You could also just keep watching your thoughts or better to say witnessing your thoughts.
Just say to yourself that for 5 minutes I will not continue with my worrying thoughts. I will just watch them as an outsider.
And after the 5 minutes are over , I can always go back and start worrying , but for 5 minutes I will just watch my mind.

Believe me , if you start meditation you are on your way to becoming a different person. The anxieties or worries will reduce to a negligible amount and for the first time in your life you would be able to relax easily.

thats all for now.So start meditating.