Friday, June 16, 2006

Tips for dealing with anxiety

Are you feeling stressed out. are you feeling anxious. These days the anxiety levels are just rising higher and higher and some people are just unable to take it anymore.

So here are a few tips for dealing with anxiety.

1. The first tip -- for some people the anxiety attacks happen at a certain time everyday or when they eat or drink a certain things which triggers the attack. one example of this is coffee.
so just take a not of this and learn what time of the day it happens and what are the possible triggers that make it happen.And the very important thing is to know that you are really going an anxiety attack and the level of the attack. so here is a free stress test for you which will show your level of stress and anxiety . To take the free stress and anxiety test. click here.

2. When you have found out what triggers the attacks , then i dont need to tell you that you need to stop the intake of the substance that causes it. yes, it will mean stopping your coffeee intake or maybe lessening it as much as possible.

3. When you observe and have noticed that your anxiety attacks happen at a certain time or when a certain even happens . then you better be prepared and try to just witness yourself .
Try to see yourself undergoing the anxiety attack from an outsiders point of view and just go on noticing it without trying to fight it or stop it.
Just notice certain details about your attack like what are you feeling and what is the body going through.

You will soon notice that when you just keep on doing this , you will no longer fear your anxiety attack and this goes a long way to curing it.

Try and use these tips for now . I will soon be posting again with a few more tips for you.

And in the meanwhile dont forget to take the free anxiety test. click here.