Saturday, December 04, 2004

Free Sedona Method article on releasing

I have been working with the sedona method for quite some time now and have been going through many ups and downs. sometimes I feel I cant go on with this Sedona method thing. but then i just let it go. and come back to find that my highs are getting even higher.

I am writing because just a few days back . i have overcome a very very stuck state for me. it was when i was thinking that I am going to be a failure and life is going to be bad. i was wanting to change my life change my destiny. i was willing to do whatever it would take to succeed. I found out that i was not willing to enjoy myself and not willing to feel deserving until i became successful. but actually it was the other way round. I found out in the sedona method that i couldn't become successful with this sort of thoughts and thinking patterns.

And i was finding that these things were coming to be true in my life. I was going through the same sort of patterns again and again. It was in the sedona method that i learnt that until i get rid of the emotional and mental patterns that are causing these things to happen. somehow a few days ago i just went deeper and deeper into my feelings and emotions and felt them as best as i could .

I found myself getting very deeper and deeper and just all of a sudden i found that i no longer wanted to run after success. i just felt. hey, what i have is good enough. i have all the things i have to enjoy myself. the only thing is to allow myself to be happy without all the conditions. remove the conditions to be happy and just be happy now. all the conditions were somehow removed and i felt happy and deserving now, i mean in the present moment. I was just aware of the present moment and i was feeling that i no longer needed to be someone else to be happy or deserving and i can just be myself and still have happiness and still feel deserving. I am unable to express it in words how i felt after releasing all the emotions that were suppressed and i had been trying to run away from for so many years.
You just have to try to understand.well,I am in a hurry now and will be writing a few more detailed articles on this sedona method releasing process.
In the meantime you can just read this
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