Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Free will or not??

so , lets start from the beginning.when we were born. we were told about everything. do this and dont do that.
this is good and that is bad.
gradually, slowly we developed logical structures, the basis on which we make our decisions.
for example. different people have different life values. some people value freedom, some value relationships more. some value fun, while some value money.
so different people have developed different logical structures and have different set of values. which causes the difference in different people's behaviour.

So , now we get to the point where we can say. that each and every human being is programmed according to his upbringing and the environment in which he or she was brought up and we had no control over that. cmon, could you control the house in which you were born or the parents you have. NO!!

so, it comes to a sort of computer program where when a result is put in. the result comes up according to the programming done. So if by any method we were able to find out the program structure according to which a person works, we would be able to predict for sure what he/she is going to do or how the person is going to react when a certain thing happens.

So, what do you people think now. if you are talking of free will , what do you mean by free will. when whatever you choose is based on a program , a logical structure which developed fully outside of your control.
suppose you like chocolate ice cream, why do you like it? can you explain. so even if you choose chocolate instead of strawberry, u cant change the fact that why you like chocolate is not under your control.

why you like a certain type of music is not under your control.

the conclusion, free will is just an illusion.


At 9:00 AM , Blogger chueewowee said...

When you speak of parents here, they appear to be a single entity, But they are two people with differences, So the children learn to appreciate differences in taste and opinion for example, with a certain amount of conspiracy too with both parents. This is not a monolithic programme. Another good reason for two-parent families. A good reason for parents to express their differences, and not be over-dominant.

Turning to our other effective parents, the thousands who make up government which is modern commerce, it's a different story. The question might be phrased why do you like chocolate AND strawberry, but not plum?
The answer I give is, it's due to advertising and the media's effect upon teenagers.
If people only realised it, they all do like plums in their various forms better (Dads will confess to liking plums, but don't get them). By like, I mean enjoy with all our senses.

That taste is suppressed. Advertising supports supermarkets, which supports a 'green' revolution and non-local food and food that is grown to suit their handling. Plums have to be handled delicately. They are harder to pick, (or used to be from the old type of orchards). Strawberries have the connotation of luxury, special treatment. It's a clear case of enticement of youth by irresponsible organisations. They, rather than the parents, fit the metaphor of a monolithic programme.

At 9:29 AM , Blogger Faraz Ahmed said...

I am also saying the same thing ,which you are saying. Its just that you say it in a different manner.

What I mean is that the whole environment and all our surrounding have a hand in the way that we are conditioned or programmed. Be it advertising or parents or neighbours. Each of these things have a way by which we are programmed to look at the world.

The way we think , our mindset our beliefs are all the result of our environment on which we dont have control. And thus , i could safely say that free will is just an illusion.

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At 12:20 AM , Blogger Jon said...

I agree that we are conditioned by the influences around us. However I totally disagree that there is no free will at all. We learn and change all the way through our lives. We have many influences as you have already stated. Is it not possible that we have a choice in which influences we agree with and take on board? We do not buy every product that is advertised to us for example. I do not always agree with the advice of my parents, but sometimes I do.
We all make different choices.

Also if we have no choice and it is purely environmental then where do innovators such as Einstein and Edison come from?

Finally how do you explain siblings that have a very similar upbringing but lead very different lives? I have noticed that even very young babies have different characteristics. Some are far more demanding than others for example. Is this purely environmental? I feel that because we are all genetically slightly different, we deal with things differently. For example some people genetically have low or high levels of certain hormones in their bodies. This effects their decision making.

We are very complicated creatures and I feel there are many different reasons, be it environmental, biological, genetic, that we choose what we choose.

I think environment has a large part to play, but that is not all. If I believed that it was purely environmental then should I not just sit back and wait for the inevitable to happen with my life, instead of trying to make things happen?


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